Online Courses

Our unique correspondence courses take you through the breakthroughs of Dianetics & Scientology.

There are two types of courses:

1. CORRESPONDENCE COURSES: A course with your own course supervisor who marks lessons you can send in by mail or on our website. These courses take you through your chosen book as well as study exercises to assist you. The benefits:
  • Convenience and flexibility—can be done anywhere, anytime
  • Precision personal supervision from the Correspondence Course Director
  • Certification as a graduate of the course you complete

2. ONLINE LIVE COURSES: These types of courses are solely made of online weekly live seminars with no study exercises or written lessons. Online courses are not as flexible as the live seminars are on specific days, however, the benefits are:

  • Interaction with our top speaker and specialist
  • Easy to understand, bite-size live seminars
  • No class work