FREE TALK IN DUBLIN 2: How To Deal With Negative Emotions


✔️ Is uncontrollable stress, worry, anger or over-thinking taking the best out of you?
✔️ Do negative emotions ruin your relationships with others or even your life goals?


If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions, I can tell you from experience that there IS a reason for this!


There’s a powerful technique I used to handle my ability to control my own negative emotion and the results changed my life! In my free workshop, I’m going to share exactly what you can do to help you take control of your negative emotions.


This will be an interactive workshop and I want to ensure everyone has the chance to ask their questions, so there will be LIMITED SPACES.


I believe everyone deserves happiness. And if the information in this workshop can help you as much as it helped the many people I’ve worked with who also dealt with negative emotions, then this one-hour workshop will be well worth your time!


Wednesday 12th October, 7.30pm
4 Merrion Square N, Dublin 2, D02 X443




I really look forward to seeing you there.


Erik Smit
Life Coach