• Are you affected by a narcissistic relationship?
  • Do you struggle to shake that abusive personality or relation out of your thoughts?
  • Is your attitude in relationships now being affected by an earlier abusive relationship?

If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions, I can tell you from experience that there IS a reason you are so influenced by such a person, and it’s not what you expected!

Narcissistic abuse is not easy to deal with. Over 20 years ago, I came across a powerful technique that I’ve since used to help people change their lives! In my free live online webinar, I’m going to share my personal story and exactly what this incredible technique is about and exactly how YOU can learn it!

This will be an interactive webinar and as I really want to ensure everyone has the chance to ask their questions, there will be LIMITED SPACES so please book now so you don’t miss out. 

Tuesday 21st June, 8-9pm


I believe everyone deserves a life with deep happiness. And if this incredible technique I’m going to show you can help you as much as it helped me, then this one-hour webinar will be well worth your time!

This technique can help a person to alleviate specific mental trauma that comes from the type of insidious abuse caused by narcissists. People around the world have reported much more stability in their lives, more happiness, less self-neglect, and more balance in other valuable relationships they had abandoned due to a narcissistic person in their life.

Imagine what various areas of your life would be like if you could truly get relief from the distress a narcissist has caused you. Imagine if you could spot a narcissist better. Now imagine the stability, happiness, and ability to do what you really want to in life. What would that feel like to you?

Tuesday 21st June, 8-9pm

If that damage caused by a narcissistic person stayed with you, what would your life be like? How would it affect those that really love you?

Would you like to make a change?

If I could show you a way to take command of your life again, and smooth away the damage from narcissistic abuse, would that be worth one hour of your evening?

Please, come along to my free webinar (limited spaces) and I’ll share this invaluable knowledge with you. It’s live, so you will be able to ask me questions too and I’ll do my very best to help you.

I really look forward to seeing you online.

Vincent Kelly

Life Coach | Speaker