Recover From Grief & Loss

  • Why do we often think about our misfortunes despite trying to stay positive?

  • Why do the losses in our life consume our thoughts and feelings a bit too much?

  • Why do we find it difficult to let go of a bad experience or situation?


Sometimes people who have this experience might feel like there’s something wrong with them. Like there’s a constant cloud hanging over them.

What if I told you that there is a key reason why this could be happening?

What if I told you that it is possible to release emotional pain and regain joy and happiness?

Come join me for this free webinar and find out how!

This will be an interactive talk and I want to ensure everyone has the chance to ask their questions, so there will be LIMITED SPACES.  

You can watch this talk online from the comfort of your home, or come to our centre to attend in-house.  

We really look forward to seeing you. 

Tuesday 19th July, 8-9pm 

Wednesday 20th July, 7.30-8.30pm