THE MIND EXPLAINED: Online Course | €20

PART 1: A wonderful unknown machine - The Mind

What is the mind? What's made of? It is sometimes stated it is an infallible machine, however, sometimes we don't experience so. Why is that?

Come and discover the two major parts of the mind and how both affect us whether in a positive or negative way. A simple introduction for anyone to understand.


PART 2: The Single Source of Unwanted Behaviour

Do you find yourself doing the same "mistakes" over and over? Or do you have weaknesses you can't explain or out of character reactions that can put you into trouble even? 

You are not wrong. Discover the real number one enemy to your goals and how to shatter it for good.



PART 3: Losses – Is There Trauma or Loss You’re Still Suffering With? 

Sometimes the sadness from trauma or loss can be so heart-breaking, it feels like it’s suffocating your life and seeps into everything you try to do. Moving on seems hopeless and thinking is dispersed with the memories of that loss.

There is a specific and surprising reason why this can happen. And there is a solution which I’m going to tell you about, so you can finally get long-term relief.


PART 4: Understand Triggers to Negative Emotions and Upsets

Have you ever noticed in yourself or in others that certain things set them off. Certain things trigger an emotion, or a reaction and it’s almost unexplainable. 

This is not at all uncommon. In fact, even though these triggers can stand in the way of life, it is so common it’s almost ‘normal’.

Find out what causes emotional and reactive triggers, how to spot them and a solution millions of people have used to alleviate the power of them, so your life is truly in your own control.


I look forward to seeing you online.