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DIANETICS — from Greek 'dia' (through) and 'nous' (mind or soul)

The international bestseller, Dianetics is not just another self-help book. 

In many testimonials from around the world people report that they have successfully overcome stress, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, nervousness, uncontrollable emotions and a host of other unwanted problems using the methods described in the book Dianetics.

The book presents an anatomy and full description of what it describes as the reactive mind, which according to Dianetics is a hidden source of nightmares, unreasonable fears, upsets and insecurities.

This book provides a method intended to help you to get rid of it, and to achieve something Man may previously only dreamed of: the State of Clear.



Some of the life-changing benefits readers have reported after using the Dianetics technique:

• Less stress

• More motivation

• Greater self-confidence

• Improved, clearer and freer communication

• Higher energy levels

• Less anxiety

• More calm and relaxed and the ability to compose oneself faster after an upset or dispute

• Clearer ability to think

• Faster problem solving

I have read hundreds of books on success and happiness and the most important book I read was Dianetics. It explained how to get rid of limited thinking, uncertainties and destructive behaviour that hindered my potential.

GRANT CARDONE, Bestselling Author, World's #1 Sales Trainer and Real Estate Mogul

I look, understand, decide and act. No more inner conflict. Thanks to Dianetics, I am achieving my goals.

CHICK COREA, 22 time Grammy Winning Jazz Legend

Dianetics got me to a completely different level. I have always had the ability to be successful, but Dianetics brought me to the point where I could achieve something really big, without obstacles.

JOHN TRAVOLTA, Actor & Humanitarian