Dianetics Audiobook (CD)

Dianetics Audiobook (CD)

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The Dianetics Audiobook contains a full reading of the text from the printing edition as well as a directory with related articles, graphs and codes and a full glossary. 

Dianetics (“Dia” = through, “Nous” – mind) means “what the mind is doing to the body.”

The international bestseller, Dianetics is not just another self-help book. 

Testimonials from around the world describe Dianetics as the most workable and permanent method to get rid of stress, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, nervousness, uncontrollable emotions and a host of other unwanted problems.

Per the author’s research, there is a single source of irrational behaviour and unwanted emotions, which is detailed in this book along with its full resolution.

With over 21,000,000 copies sold and translated in 50 languages as a book and 16 languages as a audiobook, people all over the world have attributed dramatic improvement in their lives to the use of Dianetics.

Learn how to use Dianetics to improve your life and regain your full potential.




  • 16 CDs
  • A comprehensive glossary with terms and definitions
  • A full index



  • Paperback
  • How to Use DVD (2 DVDs)




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