Purification Program Overview

We live in a chemical-oriented society. Virtually everyone is regularly subjected to an intake of food preservatives, pesticides, atmospheric poisons and the like. Add to this the array of medical and street drugs, as well as alcohol generally consumed, and the gravity of the problem becomes obvious.

These drugs and toxins can put an individual into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health, but which can prevent any stable advancement in spiritual well-being. 

Drug Residues Can Remain in the Body

In the 1970s, while working with cases that had previously used drugs, Mr. Hubbard's research indicated that LSD residues stay in the system for years after ingestion, lodging in the tissues of the body. This explained the observed phenomena that sometimes months or even years later, a person can re-experience an LSD "trip".

Subsequent research indicated that a long list of other street drug residues, chemical poisons, toxic substances and medical drug residues may similarly lodge in the body and cause a person to re-experience their effects.

The Purification Programme

In response, Mr. Hubbard developed the Purification Programme to meet a growing threat to spiritual advancement and well-being stemming from the more and more common use of drugs and biochemical substances in the current culture.

The Purification Programme is a tightly supervised regimen of exercise, sauna and nutrition. It is conducted in a properly ordered schedule to include sufficient rest. In combination, it helps to eliminate of some drug residues and other toxins from the body's tissues.

The Purification Programme and its underlying discoveries have enabled more than three hundred of thousand people to feel free of the harmful effects of drugs and toxins and so achieve spiritual gains. 

People from all over the world and all walks of life report life-changing results from this programme, including:

  • Ability to think clearly.
  • Increased energy, enthusiasm and vitality.
  • Greater mental alertness and ability to concentrate.
  • Dramatically improved general health and happiness.
  • A more positive attitude toward life.
  • A heightened sense of spiritual well-being.

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