Free Online Zoom Talks with Vincent

We all encounter many barriers in life. However, there is a common reason to why we find things hard to handle. This is what our free seminars are all about! 

Vincent originally from Kildare, has over 20 years experience in lecturing and helping thousands of people one-to-one. All of Vincent's talks are based on the discoveries contained in the international bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and are aimed to empower you with new tools to help you. 

All of Vincent's online webinars are help every Tuesday at 8-9pm, on Zoom and are interactive so you can ask as many questions as you need.


Tues 29th Nov 8pm
ONLINE ZOOM WEBINAR: Find The Will To Succeed.


Tues 6th Dec 8pm
ONLINE ZOOM WEBINAR: Struggling To Deal With Problems?


Tues 13th Dec 8pm
ONLINE ZOOM WEBINAR: Stop Living In The Past.


Tues 20th Dec 8pm
ONLINE ZOOM WEBINAR: Don't Trust Anyone Until You Learn This!