The Complete Books Package
The Complete Books Package

The Complete Books Package

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Dianetics and Scientology are about life. They are about your family, your friends, your colleagues. They are about you. They address the questions people commonly ask: How can I get along better with others? How can I become more successful? How can I achieve greater security? How can I help my friends prosper? Is happiness possible? 

Many people from all walks of life have found the answers to these questions in Dianetics and Scientology. 

Here you will find the books we recommend for you to begin your journey to a better future.

1. Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
2. Dianetics: The Original Thesis
3. Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science
4. Self Analysis
5. Handbook for Preclears
6. Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought
7. The Problems of Work
8. Scientology: A New Slant on Life
9. The Way to Happiness
10. Clear Body, Clear Mind*
*Please note that Clear Body, Clear Mind is only available in the following 17 languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (Castilian), Spanish (LATAM) and Swedish. When making your purchase, please let us know which of these languages you would like your copy of Clear Body, Clear Mind to be in.