Clear Body Clear Mind WEBINAR OFFER

Clear Body Clear Mind WEBINAR OFFER

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Our world is full of toxic substances: drugs, pollutants, household chemicals, food preservatives and on and on. Residues of some of these substances seem to lodge in your body for years, to dull your senses, and to reduce your ability to think clearly.

“This planet has hit a barrier that prevents any widespread social progress: drugs and other toxic substances.

These can put people into a condition that not only prohibits and destroys physical health, but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being. (...)

Given the increasing devastation wrought by drugs, an immediate resolution was required. So I embarked upon more extensive research into the effects of drugs on the body, mind and spirit. The result was the Purification Program” – L. Ron Hubbard

This book gives a full description of the Purification Program, an all-natural regimen designed to help free you from effects accumulated drugs and toxins in your system can have on you.



  • 170+ pages
  • A comprehensive glossary of terms and definitions
  • A full index



With this booklet you can learn:

  • How the accumulated effects of taking drugs can leave a person impaired, even long after they’ve stopped taking them.
  • The harmful effects drugs have on both the mind and the individual himself.
  • Effective tools you can use to help someone withdraw safely from drugs.