Handbook for Preclears - Online Course

Handbook for Preclears - Online Course

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*Preclear: A person who is using the Dianetics technique to find out more about himself and life, and to achieve the State of Clear.


“Actually you are a giant tied down with cotton lint. You tied the knots and furnished the string and said where you’d lie. (…)

The cold, basic truth is that you are a vital and necessary part of this world and anything that is wrong with you, you have assumed in an effort to be what has passed for ‘human.’” L. Ron Hubbard

Have you ever been aware of things you say or do, or habits that are so unlike you? Do you want to know how to get rid of these things?

Based on the research of L. Ron Hubbard, Handbook for Preclears details exactly why this is and what can help you to get rid of those parts of “you” that aren’t really YOU.



  • Complete description of the ideal state of man
  • The goals of man, and what one's survival depends upon
  • The human mind, how it operates and its underlying purpose
  • Powerful step-by-step techniques that you can apply to yourself, to help you move you into the driver seat of your life


This online course takes you through the breakthroughs covered in Handbook for Preclears, with study exercises to assist your full understanding of the subject.



  • Convenience and flexibility—can be done anywhere, anytime
  • Precision personal supervision from the Online Course Director
  • Certification as a graduate of the course you complete



  • A paperback copy of the book, Handbook for Preclears (in your chosen language), 
  • Your course study pack
  • A welcome kit with instructions on how to do the course
  • A fold out copy of the Hubbard Chart of Attitudes